Arabic and Quranic Studies

Learn to Read Arabic

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to recognize, read, and pronounce the Arabic language perfectly

  • Learn what the Arabic letters look like in their various forms

  • Read Arabic literature fluently in its naturally connected form

  • Practice their Arabic writing skills

  • Practice their Arabic listening skills

  • Learn the meanings of many day-to-day words as a natural consequence of the learning process.

  • Learn a unique method of memorizing and remembering letters

  • Be in a strong position to study Arabic grammar

Arabic Through the Quran

Learn Arabic in the next 18 months | Free

Get access to our free Arabic program, which covers al-Ajrumiya, Lisan-ul-Quran, and other grammar and morphology books. This course is designed to take you from beginner to expert in 18 months.



man reading book
man reading book