The cornerstone of civilization

Our beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم و على اله و صحبه و سلم said, " Any act devoid of remembrance of Allah is void except four:

  1. Shooting

  2. Training horses

  3. Playing with one's family

  4. Swimming

This Hadith was recorded by Bayhaqi and at-Tabarani.

The goal of family conscious coaching is to reopen the doors of communication allowing families to learn how to express themselves in a healthy way that brings about love and understanding. Simultaneously learning how to support each other through difficulties and accepting each other's differences, family counseling helps families navigate the challenges of today.

Families are the cornerstone of civilization and must be able to communicate effectively to preserve future generations.

How does Sunna Institute's counseling work?

At the Sunna Institute, there are four overarching goals of Spiritual Conscious Coaching:

  • Inkishāf - introspective self-discovery

  • Inqiyād - engendering treatment compliance & Motivation

  • I’tidāl - equilibrium in all aspects of life

  • Ittiḥād - holistic integration

Conscious Coachings are designed to utilize these principles and specifically target the elements of Islamic spirituality's ontological framework of the human psyche:

  • Aql - cognition

  • Nafs - behavioral inclinations

  • Rūḥ - spirit

  • Iḥsās or emotions

a bench with a message written on it
a bench with a message written on it