Hadith Studies

Ash-Shama'il al-Muhammadiyya

Al-Shama’il al-Muhammadiyya (‘The Sublime Qualities of the Prophet Muhammad) is the most famous collection of narrations detailing the moral, physical, and spiritual perfections of the Prophet Muhammad. Commonly referred to as ‘The Shama’il’ and compiled by the prolific Imam al-Tirmidhi, this perennial masterpiece connects hearts to the Prophet’s blessed being. The Shama’il generously invites us to experience the message bearer's most detailed and exquisite qualities―the Prophet Muhammad. This knowledge fundamentally alters, informs, and orients our understanding of the Message he brought. Knowing the Shama’il is a critical pre-requisite to correctly understanding Islam in general and the Prophet’s life (Sira) in particular; his beautiful appearance, lifestyle, and character provide the ultimate context for developing a deep, holistic appreciation of the Message and the Messenger at the same time. Without understanding the Shama’il, we’re likely to read Islam and the Prophet’s life through the lenses of our own socially-conditioned impressions and assumptions. Instead, the Shama’il leaves a profound and indelible impression that spiritually empowers us to apply Islam to our lives. Knowing the Shama’il is a tried and true means of filling our hearts with reverence for the Prophet, which, in turn, fills our hearts with reverence for his Sacred Law. A form of praise in its own right, it provides a deep look into Prophet’s sublime beauty and serves as a means of connection, veneration and spiritual transformation. The Shama’il offers us tastes of delight and joy and, most importantly, engenders sincere love of Allah and His Messenger in our hearts. To spend time with the Shama’il is to praise Allah and remember Him, for it is He who endows His beloved with beautiful form and unparalleled character.