Individual Spiritual Counseling

Healing the Muslim Heart & From the Darkness into the Light

For centuries Islamic sages have spent a lifetime meditating on verses of the Qur’an and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. From these heartfelt reflections, there has evolved a collection of timeless wisdom embodied in oral sayings and written literature. These priceless insights and practices can help guide a spiritual seeker to find meaning and joy in an earthly existence that is filled with mystery and bewilderment.

You will insha'Allah:

  • Learn insights from Islamic spirituality on the importance of transforming the ego and opening up the heart in order to be of authentic service to Allah's creation.

  • Experience practices that are designed to create inner healing and transformation in order to evolve into the fullness of one's being.

  • Be given tools to contribute to their spiritual growth and development on the spiritual path.

  • Practice ways to experience deep joy and fulfillment in life.

  • Gain a repertoire of techniques for practical spirituality in one's daily life.

  • Expand their consciousness and will identify, and begin to heal and transform emotional wounds in order to find greater meaning in life.

  • Receive answers to questions they may have about Islamic beliefs and practices.

  • Be presented with an understanding of Islam that enters fully into the contemporary world.

man seating on stone in between waving sea
man seating on stone in between waving sea