Masalik ul-Jinan (The Ways unto Heaven) by Shaykh Ahmadou Bamba

Books on tasawwuf are not in shortage and should not be treated lightly, there are some that are large and other that are small, but Shaykh Ahmadou Bambachose the work of Shaykh Mohammed Yadãli entitled, Khãtimatu-t-Tasawwuf (The Seal of Mysticism), which he versified and completed to make the best writing ever produced. This writing is a poem of 1563 verses in Rajaz, which he named Massalik Al-Jinan (Pathways to Paradise).
We will be reading and explaining this epic work of Shaykh Ahmadou Bamba.

The Guide to Wayfaring

Islamic Spirituality - Tasuwwuf, Sufism, and Tazkiyah: A unique online course covering a historical and academic study of Sufism. The concept of spirituality in Islam has recently become one of the most debated and discussed issues. Covered without correct scholarly guidance, the discourse has seen different conclusions develop, and reprehensible traditions and innovations root themselves within society. This course is a beautiful opportunity to learn to appreciate this path's great benefits and merits, and it will dispel many misunderstandings.

The ultimate goal in this temporary life is to attain true servitude to Allah. One must constantly exert great effort in order to reform themselves until one becomes fully obedient to Allah and becomes one of His beloved. This is achieved by perpetually being engrossed in different types of worship such as Dhikr (remembrance), sending salutations on our beloved Prophet (may Allah bless him and give him peace), Tahajjud and other optional salat, fasting, reciting the Holy Qur'an, abundantly seeking forgiveness from Allah and much more. True worship creates a special light of guidance and insight in an individual, allowing them to taste the real sweetness of iman: It strengthens a person to shun evil and refrain from all types of wrongdoings, transgression, and sin.

black metal lamp post on gray concrete pathway during daytime
black metal lamp post on gray concrete pathway during daytime