Conscious Spiritual Coaching to Cultivate Mindfulness and Proximity with Allah.

people kneeling and praying during daytime
people kneeling and praying during daytime
men kneeling and bowing inside building
men kneeling and bowing inside building

First of all

Welcome to Sunna Institute

Sunna Institute strives to guide and support Muslims through conscious spiritual coaching to cultivate mindfulness and presence with Allah. Our spiritual direction is grounded in Islamic principles, and we offer sacred development and programs to educate, unite, and uplift the ummah. Join us as we navigate the suppression of the ego and the nourishing of the spiritual heart.

man standing near white mosque
man standing near white mosque

Not to mention

Our Approach

At Sunna Institute, we believe a better life is possible with the guidance of Islamic principles. Our approach is rooted in authentic spiritual direction that helps you navigate modern life. We offer spiritual development and programs to help you improve your relationships with Allah, His prophet (SAW), your family, and society.

What are our goals?

At the Sunna Institute, there are four overarching goals of Spiritual Conscious Coaching:

  • Inkishāf - introspective self-discovery

  • Inqiyād - engendering treatment compliance & Motivation

  • I’tidāl - equilibrium in all aspects of life

  • Ittiḥād - holistic integration

Conscious Coachings are designed to utilize these principles and specifically target the elements of Islamic spirituality's ontological framework of the human psyche:

  • Aql - cognition

  • Nafs - behavioral inclinations

  • Rūḥ - spirit

  • Iḥsās or emotions

people walking on hallway during daytime
people walking on hallway during daytime

Who We Are

The Sunna Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, guiding, uniting, and uplifting the ummah. We focus on providing spiritual direction and programs to Muslims, helping them integrate Islamic teachings into their daily lives. We believe that bridging the gap between cultural values and Islamic principles can strengthen the community and build a brighter future.

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